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This is our bread and butter, getting this right is as important to us as to you. The applications are limitless and what can be achieved through the webportal will drive traffic and hook those fascinated by those watching online. Our niche is the great outdoors, we use OS mapping in the UK for tracking online, this picks out footpaths and tracks omitted on other online maps.


  • The trackers only weigh 65g are just a bit bigger than a matchbox.
  • They are not waterproof so do need to be kept in the supplied pouch
  • The units have a 3000 point buffer, so if you are in a location with no GSM signal it will record the location and upload the track when back in range.

Web interface

  • We will provide the organiser with an admin panel where you can easily pull up the map for each unit, see when it was last tracked, battery status and change team names
  • Taking on the event package also enable access to our automatic leaderboard. You set the start time and up to 10 locations on the route and the leaderboard will sort the rest out.
  • We will provide both a map with all of the trackers, on our website but also a version that can be iframed on your own website, enabling you to put your own event branding to the tracking.


Tracker hire is £13 per weekend hire (10+ trackers). Please contact us for a full set of options and prices.

All the trackers need to be back with us on the Tuesday following your event so we can send out on the Wednesday. Any later, a second weekend hire will be charged. Delivery is extra - charged at cost.

You should be aware that any damaged units will be charged at cost +20% currently £150 (e.g. getting them wet or chewed by dogs - yep that has happened)


Talk to us, if you want to add great functions to the leaderboard - different classes, more checkpoints, manual updates.

We have also developed an event portal where event photos, Facebook and Twitter. Please contact us for pricing.


Open Tracking - Events

Open Tracking - Events

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